Terms and Conditions

Use of credit/debit cards

By agreeing these terms and conditions the customer agrees for Hadleigh Park Cycles to electronically debit their account and, if necessary, electronically credit the account to correct erroneous debits.

Hadleigh Park Cycles do not take any money out at the time of booking. Customers can pay on arrival.

Customers will be liable for the full amount if I fail to turn up or cancel outside the cancellation period (see below).

Credit card details are held securely by a third party (Stripe).

Payments taken by Stripe (or refunded) may take 5 days to clear.



Refund if cancelled at least 72 hours prior to booking. Email enquiries@hadleighparkcycles.co.uk or phone 01702 875431

If the conditions on the day aren’t ideal but the activity can still take place, the customer will not be eligible for a refund.

Although we hope you don’t need to cancel your booking, you can do so at any time up to 72 hours prior the start time of the booked activity and receive a full refund. If you cancel within 72 hours of the start time of the booked activity, or you are very late, or do not attend the booked activity (i.e. a ‘no-show’) you will not receive a refund. We run on tight margins and still must pay our coaches. Thank you for your understanding.


Hadleigh Park Cycles wish to treat all customers fairly and with the utmost integrity. It is not in our commercial interest to enter into disputes with customers: we would rather sort mistakes or misunderstanding with a phone call. If a dispute cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both sides we use the Stripe disputes process.

Hire terms and Conditions

We have tried to keep our Terms & Conditions as straightforward as possible:

  1. Whoever signs the hire agreement is responsible for all bikes and accessories relating to that agreement, all of which must be returned in the same condition at the end of the hire period as was received at the start.

  2. The minimum age for hiring a bike is 16 years, under which the presence of an adult will be necessary to assume all responsibilities.

  3. All of our bikes are safety checked beforehand over so no responsibility will be accepted by Hadleigh Park Cycles for loss, damage, or injury to the hirer, fellow riders, or third party, occurring during the hire period.

  4. In the event of any mechanical breakdown Hadleigh Park Cycles can only recover bikes and may not carry out repairs immediately. Refunds will only be considered for mechanical breakdowns occurring in the first hour of the hire period. Thereafter each rider is deemed to be completely satisfied that his or her bike and accessories are fit for purpose.

  5. While cycling off road, please keep to public rights-of-way where cycling is permitted and exercise due care to all other users. When using public highways riders must observe the Highway Code.

  6. Cycling is not risk free but with careful use of the equipment, injury to riders and third parties can be avoided. Racing, time trials and any stunts such as wheelies, jumps etc, are not permitted. The Owner and Hadleigh Park Cycles is exempt of any responsibility for any incidents related to the Hirer or any users of Hadleigh Park Cycles equipment as a consequence of careless behaviour of the Hirer, including physical injuries or even death of the Hirer, for any loss, costs, or expenses, during the hire period. The Hirer accepts the full responsibility for their behaviour while in possession of the bicycle.

  7. You acknowledge it is mandatory to wear a helmet while hiring our bikes – either your own or hired from us. You and everyone else in your group assume full responsibility for any accident, injury or death that should occur.

  8. All equipment will be very carefully checked after each hire by Hadleigh Park Cycles. Charges will apply for bikes returned late or damaged during the hire period. Hadleigh Park Cycles reserves the right to charge additional hours/days hire fees depending on degree of lateness and extent of damage.

  9. Upon request Hadleigh Park Cycles can provide bike locks. Please ensure that no bike is left unattended unless it is first secured to a fixed object using the lock through the frame and rear wheel. Any incident of theft must be reported to Hadleigh Park Cycles as soon as possible.

  10. You have provided the hirer credit/debit card details and authorise Hadleigh Park Cycles to charge on that credit/debit card all eventual costs in case of damages, loss or theft of bike(s) or the hired equipment according to wholesale price and comprehensive of labour. Example charges are as follows: Complete bicycle – £500; Wheel – £40; Helmet – £30; Seat – £30; Lock – £40; Pump – £5;

  11. Hadleigh Park Cycles recommends to all Hirers to have suitable Travel Insurance cover to meet any unexpected costs occurred whilst hiring.

  12. All hirers will be required to sign a copy of the hire agreement.

  13. Hadleigh Park Cycles recommend riders use a backpack to carry equipment: carrying equipment in hands is potentially dangerous.

  14. The bikes are suitable for non-technical trails e.g. roads or the green and blue trails. It is strongly advised that cyclists work within their capabilities as all the trails at Hadleigh will have hazards that can cause serious injury, e.g. rocks, cattle grids. All brakes are fully functioning but note that some people have weaker hands (e.g. younger children) and may not be able to use brakes as effectively as others.

  15. We recommend that if you are not confident in your abilities you book a 2 hour “Ride Ready Green” course with a local instructor (ask for details).

  16. Cycling is considered a hazardous activity, which may result in serious or fatal injury. Participants agree to risk assess all activities and ride within the capabilities of every rider. Hadleigh Park Cycles wish to make the hire as enjoyable as possible and will readily offer advice and guidance, but it is for the hirer to take responsibility for deciding what is safe and reasonable to do.



Our Undertaking to you:

  1. Hadleigh Park Cycles will provide cycle coaching by qualified and experienced people who are trained in first aid and have current enhanced DBS checks.

  2. Our coaches will work within the limits of their training and competence.

  3. We will try to ensure that you get the coach of your choice, at the time of your choice, but at times we may have to substitute a coach or cancel a session at short notice due to factors out of our control.

  4. Any sessions cancelled by Hadleigh Park Cycles will be re-booked at no further charge to you.

  5. Before each session the coach will examine the bike to ensure it is a good fit and safe to ride. The coach may complete repairs or adjustments. These alterations are done in good faith and are designed to leave the cycle in a better condition than when started, but this will not be the same as work carried out in the controlled workshop environment.

You will accept:


  1. that cycling is not a risk-free activity and accidents can happen, and although very rare this can include serious injuries.

  2. all riders must wear a helmet (helmets can be rented from us at £1 per session).

  3. you will inform us of any known medical condition or disability that may be relevant for this activity.

  4. in the event of the customer requiring medical attention, the instructor takes no responsibility for the treatment provided for any unreported existing condition which increases the risk of a medical emergency.

  5. sessions will start promptly and in the event of you arriving late, the session will not extend beyond the reserved time, except at the discretion of the coach.

  6. sometimes the child’s cycle is not fit for purpose (e.g. too large). In this case the option will be to rent a cycle from us at £5 per half hour session or book another session at further charge (no refund for missed session).